"The Soul continues to live, Life is Everlasting," Traci Bray, Medium

"The Soul continues to live, Life is Everlasting," Traci Bray, Medium

"The Soul continues to live, Life is Everlasting," Traci Bray, Medium "The Soul continues to live, Life is Everlasting," Traci Bray, Medium

About Your Reading

Traci's readings come from Spirit in the 'spirit-of' personal enlightenment. To some recipients, they also provide entertainment and certainly, enjoyment. Every beneficiary of a reading has free will to choose as they see fit for their own life. Individuals are responsible for their interpretation of the reading as well as how or if they incorporate it into their own life via thought, word and deed.

'help' section about readings

choosing a medium - Thoughtful considerations

potential clients who traci may not be a good match for

potential clients who traci may not be a good match for



There are many psychics and Mediums available. Selecting a legitimate, experienced person honors both you, and those whom have passed. Things to consider include searching for a Reader that:

  • is recommended by those you know, or through others whom have had direct experience
  • comes with references, or testimonials
  • has proven experience
  • offers a website and/or other written material
  • is published
  • is ethical, communicates responsibly, and respects confidentiality
  • is willing to offer 'cold' readings (i.e., the reader requires NO information up-front)
  • volunteers time as a Medium to organizations
  • has participated in formal research studies (e.g., VERITAS, The Windbridge Institute)
  • is formally educated
  • is flexible, and willing to address your questions and concerns.

Expect to pay a reasonable fee. A high-dollar amount (mediums charging several hundred to thousands of dollars) does not necessarily correlate to receiving a phenomenal reading. Remember that psychics and Mediums are most-often self-employed, and do not receive benefits. They often do not employ a staff. Nor do they read for a traditional 40-hour/week schedule as do most full-time workers in the US.  In fact, the majority of readers known to Traci at most, offer 5 - 15 readings per week. There is more 'work' behind your appointment - setting it via misc. emails or phone calls, billing, etc. Be aware that most psychics/Mediums take time preparing for the reading, and de-escalate from the reading. The work begins before your appointment and often extends after.




potential clients who traci may not be a good match for

potential clients who traci may not be a good match for

potential clients who traci may not be a good match for



Traci values an ethical approach to  mediumship. In having read for decades, she owns an accurate 'feel' for potential clients for which she may be a good match with, for purposes here, for one's that will not work out well:

  • Skeptics who demand proof of legitimacy before the reading commences. This website has been designed to provide potential clients with factual information about Traci, her skills, her contributions and how she works. If this does not fit, those searching for a reader are encouraged to search for a worker who resonates with them.  Note from Traci: "Readings are not a sport. I, along with those on the other side take this work seriously. For me, it is WORK, albeit work I love!"
  • Clients who wish to hear from their Angels, or have their Spirit Guides identified.  Traci does not do this work.
  • Someone who in-their-heart knows that they do not want a reading.  
  • Persons who insist on providing photographs, jewelry or other forms of memorabilia for Traci to work with. Traci appreciates the sentiment involved; however, they are not necessary for her to connect with persons whom have passed. Should you carry and conceal these items to the reading, there is no guarantee that the deceased will mention those items during your reading. Mediums are about connecting, and not-about guessing.
  • Persons searching for assistance with unwanted energy, ghosts and other unwanted or frightening presence(s). Please respect that Traci's chosen area of interest and expertise are in other areas.
  •  Persons wanting to hear from one specific person, and  are disinterested in hearing from others. Remember: the client does not control the reading, and Traci is there as an usher of sorts, bringing the essence of people through. When a client is demanding, the reading may not proceed smoothly. Be advised, that in the case you believe you have not heard from whom you wished to hear from is not cause for a refund. Clients are compensating Traci for time spent.   
  • Persons who wish to verify a specific occurrence (example: a caller believes that their deceased loved-one made themselves known recently, and has a specific message). If you provide Traci with the information about the occurrence, and either believe or question that you have received a visitation, then Traci's inclination is to agree with you!  Those passed work very hard to make themselves known to us.   There are occasions when Traci mentions the occurrence during the reading without being prompted to do so by the client, and solely by the deceased.  

Your responsibilities during a session

potential clients who traci may not be a good match for

Your responsibilities during a session


Things you may wish to consider in preparation:

  • Do you need support during the session? If so, another/others may come with you. Anyone present will be considered as a paying client. Traci however is unable to focus on solely one person/client/participant. In other words, according to Traci, "If you're present, you're fair game. I am only the 'medium'/in-the-middle, sharing information for whomever Spirit wishes to call upon."
  • Traci no longer records sessions. If you wish to record via phone or in-person that is fine. Audio only please! Have your device ready to record when you arrive.
  • If you're a note-taker, have paper and pencil at hand.

The Format of traci's readings

What to avoid/what to refrain from

Your responsibilities during a session


The format for a Medium reading (connecting with the dead):

1) With your assistance* the person, or at times animal coming through will be identified as best as can be

2) Brief messages will be given to you from that person/animal

3) YOU WILL BE ENCOURAGED TO ASK QUESTIONS OF THE PERSON/ANIMAL COMING THROUGH.... this means: have questions prepared for persons you hope to hear from!!!

During your reading, behavior Traci advises she might exhibit in all seriousness:

"I have allergies and may need to sneeze or blow my nose. With the latter I will certainly excuse myself, and blow my nose."

"If reading for you during my morning, I will be drinking coffee, or later iced tea or water. I will let you know that I need a drink. I will say, 'Excuse me please, I need to take a sip of my coffee.'  I may get up from my reading chair to pour more coffee or to refill my water glass. This means I  may turn on the tap water."

"Upon occasion my door, as I generally do phone readings from home, will be knocked on. I will get up from my chair where I usually read to see who is at the door. I have no staff here. I will apologize to you in all sincerity for the intrusion, and most generally will offer extra time for your final questions/concerns."

"I have pets, and like yours, mine make sounds... sometimes they fight, sometimes they meow or bark, or do something silly. Frankly I find that this occurs often during opportune times when Spirit wishes for me to enunciate their message!"

"​I am human. I would hope that if you need a drink, you'll refresh yourself. And if you need to use the bathroom during your reading that you excuse yourself and do so. I would hope that your pets behave as they do, or not, and that if your doorbell rings, you answer it - particularly if you live alone. I hope that if it's your habit, that you're in your workout clothes or p.j.'s, and if you've not brushed your teeth, I won't have a clue, nor does it matter to me being that we're on the phone."

"I am a happy, easy-going person, and I consider myself to be flexible, casual and non-judgmental. If these behaviors and actions bother you, I AM NOT THE MEDIUM FOR YOU, and likewise, you are not a client for me."

*Readings are not a one-way-street. Blind Readings (which occur in a research setting) occur with NO interaction between the Medium a and the sitter (client).  In a reading with a paid client, in Traci's session there IS interaction. Traci will look at what she is receiving, interpret it, and summarize it for you. This saves significant time as what she sees (hears, smells, feels as in senses and by touch, etc. may not at all be how she actually describes  and presents that information to you.  

What to avoid/what to refrain from

What to avoid/what to refrain from

What to avoid/what to refrain from


There are a number of things to avoid with Mediums in-general:

  • Promises of accuracy.  An experienced Medium will not tell you they are 100% accurate, or frankly anything close to that. The only true methods of discovering accuracy are either from client testimonials or reports of their experiences, and through legitimate, replicated research such as what the Windbridge Research Center does. Mediums such as Traci, John Edward, Debra Martin, Laura Lynne Jackson, Kim Russo, and George Anderson have all participated in studies such as VERITAS or Windbridge. This demonstrates their confidence in receiving Spirit's messages, interpreting them, and their abilities to work ethically.
  • Repetitively vague statements
  • Insistence that the client schedule for more sessions
  • Readers who push product such as stones, spells, supplements, etc. Offering product is great! Pushing product is a no-no!

A VERY important note from Traci about readings:  "I am not a Medium who is able to 'work-on-demand.' That is to say, I do not take orders from clients as to whom they expect to hear from. Spirits come through as they see fit. As a Medium I am simply the middle-(wo)man, delivering messages. Although you will have opportunity to ask questions of those that come through, I've no control over who comes through, nor do I have control over the order in which they arrive. My experience has been that for clients who are insistent-upon-their-own-way, the process does not flow well. 

During Psychic Readings, a similar premise holds true: I will tell you what I am receiving. There are times that this does not resonate with clients. Clients will be charged whether or not agreeing with the information.​

People willing to be open to what is present, or to place it on-hold to review later, or to let-go of what does not resonate should do well with the process overall."


During your reading, behavior you might refrain from:

  • Arguing with the Medium. Yes. Some clients do! A great Medium is like a great waitress, taking the order (what the client wishes to accomplish during their reading, as the consumer), delivering it to the kitchen (handing the client's wishes to Spirit), and bringing your food back to the table (offering the client the information).  Seriously! Polite folks don't argue with their server!
  • Quickly saying "no" when being asked if what is coming through has meaning to you, without taking a moment to think it through. Being as patient as you can, with an open-mind is so very helpful to you, to the deceased and to the Medium
  • The urge to over-process the information you receive certainly during, but sometimes following the reading. Remember, this is part of the homework you assume when you schedule reading time. Clients who are able to simply receive the information, and process it later are those who make the most of the time with the professional Medium. This is the reason in-person readings are recorded and included with the reading
  • Getting in the way of Spirit's messages by excessively interrupting, or talking. Remember: Traci works best with no information upfront when working as a Medium. She will ask you for further information if needed for clarification. You're paying for her time and her skill in connecting with the other side
  • Interruptions such as your cell phone ringing, excessive dog barking, or other human foibles. Traci loves animals, and their quiet presence during a session is a good thing in-person or over the phone.
  • Being in an altered state of consciousness such as having consumed alcohol or marijuana. This is not a judgemental issue for me. Remember that there are a minimum of three people in the conversation - you, me and Spirit. Me and Spirit work best when you are sober.

making the most of your reading

What to avoid/what to refrain from

What to avoid/what to refrain from


Thoughts for Making the Most of Your Reading Time, before & after...  

  • Before the reading, give thought to whom you hope to hear from, and prepare questions for the dead. For each person that comes through you will be invited to ask them questions!!!  
  • Be ready for your reading, with your notes, paper and pen, and if by phone, a tape recorder, tape and speaker phone if you wish to record. As of January 1, 2019, Traci no longer records in-persons sessions. YOU MAY! But be ready to record with your phone, or whatever device you use. 
  • Call or arrive just on-time, not early. This honors the reader and those coming through  
  • Expect to validate information after the reading. Readings can be overwhelming; that's why taping it and taking notes help! Validation is a process and is not always a spontaneous event!  
  • Be grateful to your loved ones, and others that do come through for you!  
  • If you're wanting Traci to work as a Psychic (past/present/future) HAVE QUESTIONS PREPARED. You'll get the most out of your time by clearly stating what it is you wish to know about.